About us

Mission, goals and values of the foundation

The long-term social care and rehabilitation institution (hereinafter referred to as the Institution) of the foundation “Fund “Cilvēks Cilvēkam” is located in one of the most beautiful places in Latvia, Pāvilosta – near the sea, on the banks of the Saka River, in the territory of the Upesmuiža Park. The institution was founded with the aim of providing long-term 24-hour social care and rehabilitation services for adults. The building is adapted to the needs of disabled people. Currently there are 45 people provided with long-term social care and rehabilitation services. Clients have the opportunity to spend time in groups of like-minded people. During the holidays, concerts are given by students of the local music school, various musical associations, and dance ensembles. You can enjoy the beautiful nature, the smell of jasmine and bird cherry, and the silence in the bend of the Saka River.

There is a garden with flowers and beautiful trees, wooden benches, as well as a gazebo and a square in the territory of the building.

Each bed of the resident rooms is equipped according to the needs of each client. Meals are provided four times a day by the institutional kitchen.

The yard is equipped with a playground for the well-being of the customers’ relatives.

Among the sun, the sea and the dunes, there lies Jūrkalne. Jūrkalne’s house is located in the building of a former school and kindergarten, where we have installed three departments – two men’s departments and one women’s department. The building’s surroundings are fenced according to EU standards to guarantee the safety of the clients. We provide an individual approach to each client. Meals are provided four times a day by the institutional kitchen.

Every resident of Latvia who has reached the retirement age has the right to receive social care services in one of the social care centres in Latvia.

If you would like to learn about the possibilities of residing with us yourself of for your loved one, we offer two options: 1. You can pay for our services by yourself or by a sponsor – in this case, the price of the provided services is paid by the Client himself or the sponsor of the service; 2. In cooperation with the Riga Municipality, Liepāja Municipality, Ventspils Municipality, Kuldīga Municipality, etc., we offer long-term 24-hour social care services and social rehabilitation services sponsored by the municipality. If you want to apply for a service sponsored by the municipality, contact the social service of your municipality. Residents from municipalities that have signed a cooperation agreement with us can apply for a place sponsored by the municipality. When applying for the social care service provided by the municipality, it will cost 85% of the pension amount, while the difference from the total service costs will be covered by the municipality. The number of care places provided by the municipality is limited.

Clients living in the social care centre are provided with living place, furnished according to their state of health and age, and also equipped with functional beds and the necessary technical aids to improve their life quality. Medical care is provided on site as needed.

The clients's well-being is ensured by a qualified team of specialists, which includes social workers, social rehabilitator, physician’s assistant, medical specialist (surgeon), medical specialist (psychiatrist), two family physicians, caregivers-hygienists, caregivers, housekeepers, professional cooks.

The centre provides opportunities for the residents to spend their free time actively. Various activities, entertainment and leisure activities are offered.

Meals are provided four times a day – breakfast, lunch, early supper and late supper. According to the individual wishes and specifics of the health condition of each client, in coordination with a medical specialist, special meals are provided.

Contact us if you would like to know more! +371 29424280 Maira, +371 29471037 Jānis, +371 29868874 Kristīne

After communication, , we will agree on a time for the first meeting, if desired, during which we will get to know each other, conduct the necessary discussions, introduce you to the rules of the internal order, premises and territory, as well as tell you about our everyday life, traditions and current events.