Social rehabilitation

An individual social care plan is developed for each client who chooses to live with us, by our multiprofessional team according to which social rehabilitation classes are organized, led by a social rehabilitator, highly experienced in the fields of social rehabilitation and social care,  Our caregivers are trained both in theory and practice in the field of social rehabilitation, and they work under the supervision of a social worker and a social rehabilitator, and have long-standing work experience in care. 

During the classes, clients perform various physical and mental exercises. All muscle groups and joints are exercised. As a result, the general tone of the body increases and blood circulation improves. Exercises are used that promote coordination of movements and stimulate memory. The classe takes place every day from 3.:00 to 4:00 PM. Clients can attend the classes, supervised by a social rehabilitator, if they feel comfortable doing that, or the rehabilitator can conduct the classes at the clients’ place (bedridden, sedentary clients).