Spiritual care

Cultural events

We care a lot about the social and cultural life of our clients, which is very important for them in order to belong to and be included in their community.

Taking into account the religious beliefs and faith of each client, spiritual care is provided by clergymen of various denominations.

Various musicians and musical associations perform at our cultural events:

  • Accordionist Aivars Kažis twice a month
  • Students of Pāvilosta Music School with teachers
  • Jūrmala Senior Ensemble
  • Teacher’s Day – in our home
  • Birthday celebrations each month
  • Uldis Marhilēvičs twice times a year
  • Lutheran church service on the second Sunday of every month
  • Orthodox church service on the last Wednesday of every month
  • Catholic church service on the third Sunday of every month
  • Baptist church service on the first Sunday of every month
  • Themed recreation events with festive meals and live music dedicated to Christmas and St. John’s Day (summer solstice)
  • Event dedicated to the Sea Festival